Private Money Financing


Greater Bay Capital, Inc. specializes in private-money financing on income-producing and special purpose properties in California.


We pride ourselves in finding creative was to help our clients meet their financing needs.


We provide SOLUTIONS! If there is a way to finance your loan we will find it!



Property Types
Office, industrial, retail, mobile home parks, R&D, mini-storage, multi-family, mixed use, hotel/motel, gas stations, churches, other special purpose, and land.
Debt Service Coverage
Prefer at least breakeven DCR, but will consider other sources of income beyond subject property.
All of California, but prefer Northern California.
Interest Rates
Fixed-rate, interest-only, starting at 8.99% and increasing based upon risks and loan term.
Loan Size
$200,000 to $5,000,000, with larger loans considered on case-by-case basis.
Loan Term
Prefer 1-3 years, but will consider up to five.
Primarily first mortgages, but will consider a large second behind a smaller first. Will allow subordinate financing!
Loan Fees
Typical fees are 3-5 points, depending upon type of property and loan term. Small loans and loans > 3 years may be priced at a slight premium.
Income-producing properties up to 65% LTV, non-income-producing up to 50% LTV. Exceptions considered with proper risk mitigation or cross-collateralization.
Minimal prepayment penalty of 1-2 month's interest, but negotiable.



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